Writing Before Being Kissed

How do you title someone who’s been in the Communication business for 25 years? I don’t know either. People want labels, names and sometimes a person simply IS the business. Breathing, living, and being the field they work. I am a Communicator since I was too young to be kissed, no joke.

Simona in school
At six, when I started school, I knew already what I wanted to be: one of those people who wrote the newspapers, because that’s how my great grandma’ taught me to read – on the obituaries.

I knew I wanted to be a journalist when I was six-year-old, while living in Transylvania / Romania, and reading the newspapers with my grandparents. I started publishing in a serious periodical at 14 years old, while still in high-school. I got my first full-time journalist job when I was 19. I was probably making more money than my dad while thinking “what an amazing field to be in!” It did not feel like work, it was pure adrenaline, day after day. After ten years of newspaper, TV reporting, radio news and public relations, I thought I got “old” and journalism is a field for young people. In fact, things were changing. Online media started to kick in – and even now newspapers struggle to accept they do not own the information and the era of the citizen-communicator had arrived. So, in order to advance in my life and career, I switched time zones, countries, and continents, moved to the US and got a degree in Mass Communication and PR. I fell madly in love with Social Media. Now, I use all my previous experience in Communication to enhance traditional Marketing for small and bigger business, adding a Social Media component and polishing once rusty marketing plans.

Why should you come and read my blog? Because I plan to write about social media as a communication business and hope to demystify some of the misunderstood parts one may think about “social networking”. There are many blogs giving you the latest scoops and “ten things you need to know about your xyz account” but they do not explain the mechanisms behind it. I want my blogs to be simple and easy to understand and I’d like to show that everyone can approach social media without fear. Simplicity is the goal for my website, for my business and the main principle I bring into my clients’ lives. And staying simple is a great outlook one can have in life, as well.

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6 thoughts on “Writing Before Being Kissed

  1. I just want to say that I love simple. I am constantly trying to find ways to navigate social media and how it can relate to my direct selling business. As you mentioned, I’ve come across many that have given me 5, 10, 12 steps that I should follow. After step 3 I’ve lost interest or was just too tired to continue. I will come back to read your blog, as long as you do as you promised, and keep it simple. Thanks! :)

    1. Thank you, Tracey. With the level of information today, we developed a very short span of attention. We can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is a myth – and a big lie people tell in their resumes.

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